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Icons, Art, Etc by Wereducky

What I Lack in Artistic Talent, I Make Up For in Exclamation Points!!!

Wereducky's Awesometastic Icon Journal
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"I like shiny objects, bright colors, and the occasional sound." - Even Stepvhen

Hello! I am Mer, aka nightmer.

I made this community so I could mess with icons and whatnot, despite my n00bness. You can check out my interests to see what fandoms I'm in, and all my icon entries are tagged. (Complete list of tags right here.) Mostly my stuff will relate to the Colbert Report and the Daily Show, but occasionally I post other things. This community exists to entertain me, but I hope it entertains you as well.

I'm an LJ lurker with a fondness for creating humorous icons and cartoons. If this comm looks interesting to you, feel free to friend (click the "watch" button) me! (Though beware, I intend to cross-post like crazy) I welcome comments/critism/insults, so tell me what ya think.

General Iconation Rules:
- Comments/criticisms are great, even if you don’t take any icons.
- Credit to aixsponsa or nightmer is nice, but whatev. They're just pixels.
- If you want different text, different animation rate, or anything just ask.
- All icons can be modified.
- Take all you want and enjoy!

Picture Credit
Most of the caps for my icons come from:
Wonky Ear
The Paul Dinello Fansite

I mostly post around at these comms:

I also am inclined to post icons relating to whatever random comedian, band or internet meme I'm currently obsessed with, so yeah. Be prepared.

May you find this journal a fraction as amusing as I do. But then again, I'm easily amused. LOLZ icons.